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His answers are inappropriate – Understanding how Aphasia affects comprehension.

When a person gets a stroke that affected the language centre in the brain, they have what we call “Aphasia” – a communication disorder due to language impairment.  The person does not necessarily struggle to use his/her mouth to speak, but rather to remember the words or to form sentences in the brain.  This is a most frustrating condition, as these patients know what they want to say, but cannot find the words to express themselves.

Hannelie Kroon to attend the 3rd International Conference on Hyperacusis

I am excited to announce that I have entered the Interational Conference on Hyperacusis to be held in June 2017 in Guildford, England.  This conference is an excellent platform to gain more knowledge on the complicated matter of hyperacusis, learning from top researchers and clinicians in the field.  This will be an exceptional opportunity to catch up with the latest trends and findings in hyperacusis, and will undoubtedly enrich my skills as a therapist working with hyperacusis.  The focus points will bring together studies of audiology, mental health, neuroscience, psychoacoustics and neu

Treating my tinnitus noise with other noise – what is that about?

Perhaps you have heard of “tinnitus maskers” and wondered why we would treat an annoying sound in your head by adding even more sounds to the mix.

“Tinnitus masking” is when other sounds are used to relieve the tinnitus sound.  Environmental sounds can be used, such as water features and fans, or generated sounds, such as white or pink noise being played through a noise generator or hearing device. 

The theory behind tinnitus masking is based on a few principles.

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