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Let's hear it.

  • Hyperacusis 

    Sensitive to sounds?

    You can get your life back

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  • Tinnitus

    Ringing in your ears?

    We specialize in the treatment of Tinnitus.
    We have travelled the world to learn from the experts.

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  • Struggling to hear?

    Hearing loss affects
    10-20% of the population.

    We can help. Let our team guide you on
    your journey to better hearing.

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  • Balance

    Feeling dizzy?

    We were trained internationally to evaluate
    and treat balance disorders.

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  • The practice was found in 2011

    by Hannelie Kroon

    wanting to express her passion for people with top-notch care.

  • Hannelie Kroon

    • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis specialist
    • Master’s degree in Tinnitus
    • Specialised training received in Denmark, Guildford (UK) and London (UK)
    • Guest lecturer and external examiner at UP
    • Trained by the American Institute of Balance (USA)


  • Nandel Gouws

    •  Specialises in balance disorders
    •  Master’s degree in Audiology
    •  Two degrees in psychology
    •  Trained by the American Institute of Balance (USA)
    •  Specialised training in tinnitus (UK)


Do you hear noises in your ear which you just cannot escape? Tinnitus can leave you feeling tired, frustrated and stressed. We specialise in tinnitus treatment.

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Does it seem like the volume in your world is turned up too high? Hyperacusis is the increased sensitivity to sounds. Our team have been trained internationally in the treatment of hyperacusis.

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Do you struggle to hear what people are saying in the presence of background noise? Most people with hearing loss can be helped successfully. Let us start the process.

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Balance Disorders

Feeling dizzy? Head spinning? Are you scared to turn your head or leave the house? Is poor balance stealing your quality of life? We are trained to evaluate the balance system and to provide vestibular rehabilitation therapy.

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Kroon Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Clinic

About the Kroon Hearing, Tinnitus and Balance Clinic

Hannelie Kroon dreamt of a place where patients felt safe to discuss their difficulties and where they could be sure of excellent support and service on their journey to better communication when she founded the practice in 2011 at the Midstream Medical Centre. The practice was expanded in 2016 and relocated to the Midstream Hill Medical Park adjacent to the Mediclinic Midstream Hospital. The expression “Let's hear it” refers to the 3 contexts of hearing better, talking to the therapist about their challenges with tinnitus, hyperacusis or balance disorders, or expressing one's message successfully.

Our Team

Hannelie Kroon

Practice Owner

Hannelie qualified as a dual speech-language therapist and audiologist (BCommunication Pathology) at the University of Pretoria in 2007. She holds her Master’s degree in Tinnitus (2018, UP).  Hannelie has always been mesmerised by the phenomenon of Tinnitus and strived to enter this grey field of the profession.  She pursued her dream of a world class Tinnitus Clinic by entering intensive training courses in Denmark in 2016 and in England in 2017 & 2019  on the latest developments in the assessment and treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis. While engaging in this field she attracted many hyperacusis cases and discovered a new interest in helping people with sound sensitivity to restore their quality of life.  She helps patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis on a daily basis and is regarded as a leader in the field.  She acts as a guest lecturer and external examiner at the University of Pretoria and frequently presents at seminars and conferences.  Hannelie was so inspired by her colleague Nandel’s passion for balance disorders that she pursued it herself.  She was accredited by the American Institute of Balance in Florida, USA to evaluate and manage balance disorders. Since then there was no looking back as the practice is now equipped to offer the patients with complex pathology a holistic approach to better hearing, balance and quality of life - as was her ultimate dream when founding the practice in 2011. Hannelie also leads a neuro speech therapy team at a sub-acute facility in Midstream, providing rehabilitation therapy to patients with brain injuries.

Nandel Gouws

Nandel obtained her BsocSci (Psychology) degree in 2001, her BsocSci (Psychology) Hons in 2002 and her BCommunication Pathology degree in speech therapy and audiology at UP in 2006.  She completed her Master’s degree in Audiology in 2017.  Nandel's passion lies in understanding the vestibular system, wanting to evaluate and treat patients with balance disorders.  She attended post graduate courses in balance testing at UCT and was trained and accredited by the American Institute of Balance (Florida, USA). Apart from the complex diagnostics, she is especially interested in the relations between psychological aspects and balance and hearing conditions. Fitting in with the holistic philosophy of the practice, she joined Hannelie at the Birkbeck University in London to receive further specialised training in Tinnitus management.  Nandel is now using her knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in both fields of Balance disorders and Tinnitus.  This holistic approach is especially valuable for the patients presenting with both dizziness and tinnitus. Since joining our team in 2017, Nandel has added a whole new dimension to the clinic with her knowledge and expertise.

Tamara Simpson

Tamara obtained her BCommunication Pathology degree with dual qualification for Speech-language Therapy and Audiology at the University of Pretoria in 2010. She is especially passionate about Neuro Speech Therapy and directed her career directly towards that field, working in rehabilitation clinics since 2011. Tamara joined our practice with a vast knowledge of Aphasia, Apraxia, Traumatic Brain Injury and Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) as she has worked in various multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinics treating patients with brain injuries. She is highly trained in dysphagia, with additional courses completed in Modified Barium Swallow assessments as well as being qualified in VitalStim and VocaStim. She loves training patients with Aphasia according to the Life Participation Model, which includes training the patient’s loved ones in supportive communication and encouraging patients to integrate maximum quality of life through all their daily activities. She trains both the patient and their families to optimise communication and participation. Tamara was a presenter at the 2019 Aphasia Forward Conference.

Nichole Fuls

Nichole obtained her BA Psychology degree in 2011 and her BSpeech and Language Pathology degree in 2016, both at the University of Pretoria. During her community service year at a Rustenburg hospital she discovered her passion for treating patients with feeding difficulties. She qualified in 2018 with the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach (SOS) certification, specialising in patients with sensory and oral motor difficulties. She joined our team in 2019. Nichole loves neurological rehabilitation with patients and always finds creative means to enhance her patients’ abilities to express themselves. She is currently a student for her Master’s Degree in the field of feeding difficulties in infants.

Emmie Fourie

Emmie is our superstar right hand in the practice. She is the initial contact with our patients and supports the administrative processes from start to finish, from booking the appointments to contact with the medical aids and manufacturers. She is also the one that will offer you a delicious cup of Nespresso when you arrive. Emmie joined our team in 2018 after 18 years of service in personal assistance. She is the actual boss of the practice as she tells us therapists what to do each day! Emmie knows how to handle emotional phone calls, emergencies and special requests. She is one of those vibrant positive people that brightens a room and she applies this skill well to maintain a cheerful atmosphere in the practice.

Frans du Toit

Clinical Psychologist

Frans is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a Clinical Psychologist. He completed his four year undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology, followed by an Honours- and Masters of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology at the Northwest University. After qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist, he practice in various contexts including Correctional Services, Psychiatric Clinics and Sub-Acute hospitals. He now fully and passionately devoting his time to private practice in Midstream, and recently joint our team with a strong focus on individual psychotherapy with clients with tinnitus. Suffering from tinnitus might leave one feeling overwhelmed, isolated and even frustrated. These are all valid and meaningful thoughts and emotions to have, therefore the central aim in therapy will be to create a supportive environment, break the isolation and address the way one respond to the tinnitus. Through Systemic- and Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy embedded in an Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA) therapeutic framework, clients and loved ones are guided and empowered to change thoughts and perceptions about tinnitus and adapt cognitive- and behavioural responses in order to experience less distress and enhance quality of life.