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Do you struggle to hear what people say when there are other people around?

Are meetings, parties and social events becoming slightly stressful to you?

You are not alone. Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health conditions, currently affecting millions of people worldwide. Statistics indicate that the prevalence of hearing loss increases with age and already more than 10% of the population over the age of 45 years has a hearing loss. Hearing loss also occurs in children and as many as 6 of every 1000 children may be born with hearing loss. Considering how common ear infection occurs which could further lead to speech and language delays, the statistics on hearing loss is staggering.

Hearing loss can be successfully managed in various ways. Most people with hearing loss can be helped either with hearing aids, or surgical intervention or implants. A diagnostic hearing test helps us to identify which part of the ear is causing the hearing loss. From there we can explore the different treatment options and hearing aid products together to find a solution that works for you.

We provide the following hearing care services:

Diagnostic hearing evaluation for adults and children

We are able to evaluate the functioning of the ear starting from 48 hours after birth through to adulthood and geriatrics. Our equipment and test methods are adapted for different age groups and special needs in order to get the optimal information about that person’s ear and hearing. The diagnostic hearing test indicates the part of the ear that may need intervention, and we make those decisions together with the patient based on the test results and the patient’s individual needs. When it is necessary, we refer to trusted ENT’s, GP’s or other health care professionals for medical treatment and follow up after the treatment was completed.

Hearing instruments

We work with a variety of hearing aids and products from different companies to ensure that we find the best solution for you. Together we will discuss your needs, your preferences and your medical aid support (where applicable) and provide you with guidance to make the right decisions. A trial period with hearing aids is well recommended in our practice and we gladly offer that service to you. We fit your hearing aids with precision – objective “Real Ear Measurement” testing is performed to ensure that we reach the prescribed targets accurately and that you get to hear what you have been missing. When hearing aids are fitted, we follow up regularly to ensure that we maintain the correct settings and that the hearing aids are working optimally.

Industrial services

We are able to measure and report for industrial and operational/HR related processes. We conduct hearing screenings and diagnostic hearing tests as requested and calculate the PLH values as required. Further recommendations as stipulated are made based on the results. Custom made hearing protection is also offered.

Ear and hearing protection

We can provide you with a variety of custom made plugs for a perfect fit in your ear. Different ear plugs can be made for swimming, sleeping, musicians, and noise protection against noise of any kind.

Ear wax management

We are trained to remove and manage wax in the ear canal.


Ek geniet my lewe voluit ondanks my gehoorverlies!

Ek is reeds sedert 2011 ‘n pasiënt van Hannelie en ek is al soos familie in die praktyk.  Sy toets my gereeld, versorg en stel my apparate reg in en maak seker dat ek weet hoe die nuutste tegnologie werk.  Ek is baie in my skik met my nuutste stel gehoorapparate, hulle werk fantasties in alle situasies.  Ek geniet my lewe voluit ondanks my gehoorverlies!

Jurie Verster

Wow, what an adventure and blessing.

We did not realise that our daughter had a hearing problem until she was 3 years old.  After several tests, we met Hannelie Kroon in 2014 and she diagnosed hearing loss in our daughter’s left ear.  Hannelie was absolutely amazing. She answered so many of our questions and always made time when we had more questions! Wow, what an adventure and blessing it has been to walk the road with Hannelie. Today our daughter is 8 years old, wearing a boldly coloured hearing aid, doing everything she loves.  She loves her appointments with Hannelie and her “Minion tests”!

Grateful mom

Amazing Personal Experience

Thank you so much Hannelie Kroon for an amazing personal experience with my son Sebastian at your beautiful practice.  Your passion for your work shines through the way that you interact, give guidance and share your knowledge with patients.  You enabled me, set my mind at ease and really delivered a highly professional, goal directed and personal service.  You are an expert in your work and the best there is!    

Elmarie Lombard

Frequently asked Questions

How do I know if it is just wax or an actual hearing problem?

During your appointment, we evaluate different parts of the ear. We assess the outer, middle and inner parts of the ear and therefore a treatable condition such as ear wax or a middle ear infection is quickly identified. We will discuss these results with you and explain your options to you, and make the appropriate referrals.

I have a hearing loss – what now?

Dealing with a hearing loss can be a very emotional and personal experience. We would like to support you on this journey with expert advice and excellent service. The first step is to discuss the results with the audiologist, who will explore your needs, lifestyle and preferences, and explain the different options to you. We will also contact your medical aid on your behalf to find out what they will contribute, so that you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, we will encourage and facilitate a trial period with the hearing aid(s) for you, so that you can experience it before making a purchase.

Will my medical aid pay for the hearing instruments?

This depends on the medical aid and the plan type of your membership. Many medical aids make provision for hearing aid funding. We will contact your medical aid on your behalf and explain their feedback to you thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision. Most medical aids do not cover noise or swimming plugs.

Can I try out the hearing aids before buying them?

Yes, we encourage a trial period with the hearing aids to ensure you make the right choice. We will facilitate this process for you.

Do you charge medical aid rates?

Yes, we charge according to your medical aid schemes rates. We will claim from the medical aid on your behalf. Should your funds be exhausted, you will be requested to make a payment.

What kind of support to you offer after a hearing aid purchase?

We want you to achieve maximum satisfaction with the hearing aids, therefore follow up is necessary to support you. After buying a hearing aid, a free follow up session is scheduled. Thereafter you are welcome to visit us for batteries, other hearing aid accessories, and assistance with cleaning or troubleshooting, or further adjustments to the hearing aid settings. We recommend annual hearing testing together with servicing and reprogramming of the hearing aids to ensure that they are functioning optimally.

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